Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Learn how to succeed in 3 minute presentation

I have seen many motivational presentations, but this one is really short and contains all the juice of collected stories of successful people. It is a presentation by Richard St. John, who is author of Stupid, Ugly, Unlucky and RICH: What really leads to success -- and it's not smarts, looks, or luck. He's also founder of the communications agency, The St John Group.

You can watch video presentation at . Here is the one of the main thing that lead to success is love. If you love what you do then , there is no other way but success at the end.
There are some other presentations you may like about innovations, creativity, education and future aspects for development and design. Also some of them are really funny.
I found Ted thought Mena's Corner, where she talks about how blogs are used and why people like using it.
By the way those 3 minutes that I spend watching this presentation where most valuable minutes in my life.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Idea database

Do you have some great idea or just idea and want to share it with others then this is great place to do . I came across with this site visiting portfolio on a website which was listed in featured column at
Also site lists all ideas submitted so far and there are pretty good and creative ideas . One that I found interesting was Contact lenses with computer screen build in them, so that by wearing it you see huge screen in front of you. Kinda futuristic idea,which says that it is done. And idea is to create controlling that computer monitor with your thoughts or similar easy way.
Web site can be found at

Monday, December 04, 2006

Web 2.0 security issues with use of AJAX

With introduction of AJAX there arose a real security issue considering visitors and registered users of the popular websites. For example using ajax hidden queries to web server and store user data or perform certain actions as if logged in user performed them. These are described on several places and possible secutiry measures that can be taken against them can be found on A list apart article Community Creators, Secure Your Code!. Also there is a report released by Finjan about web secutirty issues .

Web 2.0 Security Scares by ZDNet's Richard MacManus -- For web-based businesses like Google and MySpace, AJAX flings open the door to new malware propagation methods few things are more scary than malicious attacks on the code of your websites or apps. And in this web 2.0 era, new threats have emerged that specifically target Ajax websites. Web security firm Finjan recently released a report [...]
And in there are more and more web sites offering new and cool looking features and offering to integrate say slide show or video content or blog , myspace template to your account by requesting your login details. And they definitely assure you that your login details will not be stored or used in any other way. Some of these web sites may be reliable like or others but by offering such option makes users to think that it is popular way for integrating content and there is nothing to worry. Which will make them to neglect this threat on other websites that they don't know and may be real threat for them.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Quick tip: Keep in mind keywords

If you are writing a blog and you know what you are going to write but don't know how to make it powerful here is a quick tip. Search for keywords and learn what people search on the internet. Also you can search for bids that are done for that keywords. You can use this overture keyword and bid search tool.
But keep in ming that not most searched keywords may make you visible on search engines. you need to search on Google or Yahoo and find how many search results they find for that keyword. And then find those keywords that are searched most and have low results. I don't know any free tool for that but will post if I find out. If you know other free tools please let me know.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Free advertisment opportunity

There is a new website which gives you free space to advertise you website or product. It is free but, you get listed according to date or you can pay to show your ad at the top. You can post text or image ad in any amount. Website is called bla.stYou can post your ad according to country, and specify keywords. All that is really cool. Site doesn't have a lot ads at the moment , so place your ad as quick as you can in order to be visible for at least common keywords.
As website is new it doesn't have high rank or volume of visitors but it may increase any time yo never now, and as it is free you don't loose anything. And more importantly in case of success you can get high traffic from your ad.
It is worth trying. Even now you can see some ads from big companies like,,some mac and windows software ads.
I dont know how they will prevent spam ads, but I think they monitor it.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

There is no such a thing as stupid idea on internet

Last year surfign on hte net I came across with famous million dollar home page , which seemed to me as an impossible and a bit stupid. When I saw it had sold probably 300 000 pixels. It had very simple site contaning single page which was devided to 1 millin pixels and each pixel sold for 1 us dollar. I kept checking site and guess what one day it sold all its pixels. It was absolutely anbeliveble. Who may thought success of such a thing. I personally wouldt do such a thing just because of thinking that this idea will not work. And would be wrong as it is proved opposite.

And guess what today visiting thefwa I found a web2DNA tool, which makes your web page's DNA graph according to it's HTML tags. Whih is pretty cool. From there I jupmed to another web2graph site which do the same thing converting it to graphic. And there I jumped to one thosand paintings which is selling painings of numbers with blue color on canvas. And each painting costs 1000 - number. Also each painting have a discount depending on how many of them sold. It started with %90 discount and untill now sold 582 of them. Which reduced discount to %40.
It really interesting idea and I personally wouldnt thought that this kind of idea will work. But it works as you see.

image info: 1. red one generated by web2DNA , 2. generated by web2graph.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

design viral weblogs

Generated Image
Clustering. Podcasts. We are on the brink of a new age. We shall transcend borders. Out of the box. Clear that. Cry out, blogosphere! Give the users what they want. Faster. Faster! It's the wave of tomorrow. Roll your own roll-your-own. You need someone who gets it. Social is the new push. We're about what Web 2.0 is about. With one click. 2.0 is the new New. The buzz is loud and clear. On-demand streams. It's all about community. Hack it. Float this. News clouds. MSM just doesn't get it. This is newer media. Taggable folksonomies. An AJAX-driven GUI. This will change everything. It's all changing. 2.0! "ASL" is geezer speak. The words aren't what they were. Single. Word. Sentences! Label what defies categorization. Feeds. The new is old. Always be launching. Splog is an aggregate noun. Dynamic inline updating with yellow fades!

web 2.0 bullshit generators

Surfing on the net I came across with web 2.0 bullshit generator. which creates even logo for you.

I was visiting alexa , which I do usually for inspiration and wondering what are the great raises and falls recently. There draw my attentiosn as it raised 760% in from 46,166 to 4,680 place. It is a blog about Canadian living in Korea sharing wide-ranging commentary on all manner of new and shiny things.
There I saw this bullshit ! Which raise another questions, does it work? Dont worry I will not test it , just because dont want to pollute our web but I may give it one post specially generated from bullshit. My next post will be generated completely from bullshit, enjoy...
If you know who tested or testing it It may be interesting to see what is happening there. So please post your links in comments.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Notting Hill Carnaval began

Today I went to Notting Hill Carnaval, which is Europe's biggest street party. The Notting Hill Carnival has been taking place in London, on the last weekend in August, since 1966.
The arrival of Trinidadians in Great Britain, remembering their great Carnivals back home, provided the spark which ignited Notting Hill Carnival. From a small procession through the streets with just a few people in costume and carrying steel drums in the 1960s, has evolved a huge multi-cultural arts festival, attended by up to two million people. It is a great tourist attraction that brings life to London during the month of August.

Today was childrens day, where participants were children as well. Tomorrow is real Carnaval tekes place with lot of hot babes. Eventhought totay was very crouded I can imagine how it will be tomorrow. I spotted couple places to see and shoot some pictures. I will need to get that place tomorrow as first thing. I saw some people on the roof and balcony , they probably live there. Imagine waking up and walking to the balcony to view Notting Hill carnaval. You can enjoy the show and have full comfort not living your home. How great is that...

Kiko calendar is sold for US $258,100.00 on eBay

Searching how to earn money from internet I came across with great sale of Kiko ajax based calendar. I tried calendar and it is very functional and easy on use. You can manage your schedule, appointments, categorise them as work or home, add other categories. Best of all you can reschedule appointments periodically on monthly , weekly or daily bases. Kiko supports iCal , vCard files to import yahoo, outlook or other calendar formats. Overall it is very useful and incredibly fast and easy calendar.Kiko calendar is sold on Ebay for $258,100.00 US. Here is the question is it worth US $258,100.00 or it is undervalued. I consider it as a success story. What is your opinion ?

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Holiday Stop number one Istanbul

Today I get to Istanbul. It is really hot. Read prev sentence couple times and I am sure you will feel it. I met my mates here, I really missThey all doing ed them in a year. They all doing well. Also I need to mention high security level in London airport. Which is good for your security but sometime bit annoying. There is Turkish phrase, "Gulu seven dikenine katlanir" which is "If you like roses, get used to needls" or something like that. I want to share my first photos from here.

First image is first water pipe system in the world as far as I know. I forget datails as usual. And second one is view near Galata Tower.

By the way I am looking for a goot photo spot in istanbul. If you have suggestions please let me know.

Thing that make me Happy ...

Most of contentent is about money but this one is definately not. Yes there are things other than money that make me happy, and can make others as well. While ago say 10 month, I made Free Flash poto album. Ever now and then I saw that someone likes it and tryes to integrate to their website. I have simple counter which keeps record of downloads. I some time check it for improvement if it is necessary. Last week my counter for free flash photo album is reached to 10000 dounloads. I said wow... And it make me to feel that in some way I am helping people to make their own web sites integrating photo album a bit quicker.

Time to time I receive links from users of photo album. In some of them I see different cultures, people, expressions, events. Seing such variety is especially valuable and motivating to me. Because I see my product , I see people using it, and most important I see happy people. That is the mopst important thing in the world for me.

It also can be an example for Good things in the life are free. Maybe it is not so good and there are better ones. If you spotted them feel free to share.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

London Aquarium great place.

Couple weeks ago I went to London Aquarium, as many people suggested. To see sharks of course. I cant se them anywhere alse, specially on open water. Or it will be the last thing that you ever see. For making it not the last thing and continue seing other thing that life brings to me I made wise decision.
Also there was not so wise part of it which is timing. I went on sunday whan it was crowded with people and sharks. Alot of kids screeming running etc. Almost all glass walls were covered with children. Even sharks were excited to see so much people there.

One other thing is I wanted to take some pictures of all that underwater world. But you cant take pictures with flash because it will blow on glass wall and reflect back. you have to reduce shutter speed in order to take a picture for which you need tripod, which I hadnt and stedy sharks, which dont stop at all. I dont know how the sleep, maybe they are sleeping swimming or not sleeping at all.

Luky me I found one type of fish that was completely steady. I think they were there specially for taking photos. they are staying in the water and not moving at all. It is like trying hide from someone. I there was no place for hiding and they just stud where they are. you can see on the picture.
Also I liked smily fase of other fich I think it is also in same category as sharks, I know them as electric something. I dont know really their names. Sorry. But I like the face. I home it is face :)

Sunday, August 06, 2006

I feel great!

Recently I found an interview with Jonathan Harris and Sepandar Kamvar who launched to visualise the blogging community’s feelings. It is amazing. To show people's felling all over the world and categorise them in several interesting categoies. Sex, age, location, feeling, weather etc. They presented all this data in interesting and illustrative way.

In the interview with .NET magazine they describe how they come up with idea and how it works. Also back end of the web site that collects data from various blogs and journals containing phrase ‘I feel’ and ‘I am feeling’ and acquiring data from profile page on blog providers web site.
Well I need to express myself as well, to add my fingerpronts on it. I feel excited to be able to find so much feelings on web site, it is great pleasure to know that we all feel great :) .

I hope that sentence also will take its place among other feelings.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Your income is in direct proportion to your contribution to the community!

I heard this from on eof the seminars of Anthony Robins, author of "Awake the gient within" and "Get the Edge" . Well does it works on the net. I say yes.

Last year I published 2 software Simulators about Electromecanical Systems, EKTS and ESS. And now I have 10000 downloads in one year and plenty of visitors. Which generates income through adsense ads on the web site. I had other sites before which contaned static data and not so useful which had no incom eat all. Because only me and my friend were visiting it.

Also same thing warks for web 2.0 web sites. Or take google for example of yahoo. They both usefull sites for finding specific information. It is a big contribution to the community and that is why they sucseed. Also there are some free softwares like winamp, irfanview, bsplayer, divx all free and popular. If they were pay for use softwares then they wont be so popular. And won't succeed. Now ther can add some add to their website or produse and sell more advanced version of ther programs.
Now, according to this theory I am going to live experimen with template design. I want to design several blog templates for popular blog engynes. Which in their turn will provide back link to that template site and drive more users . I will keep you informed about progress of this experiment. For now I dont have any ready templates but hopefully I will make one before going to holiday next week.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

CAN you run Adobe Photoshop on Linux?

CAN you run Adobe Photoshop on Linux? Yes you can says Chin Wong using Wine , an Open Source implementation of the Windows API on top of X and Unix. Wine transforms windows code to unix base and can run windows programs on run time. There are 4421 applications currently tested and working with wine.
However there are some restrictions and bugs for photoshop. Some of them are described in this article.

Monday, July 31, 2006

How much are the Web 2.0 users worth?

YouTube, Digg, MySpace: How much is a non-paying 'user' worth? by ZDNet's Donna Bogatin -- The big question is: How much are the Web 2.0 Social Web legions of non-contributing, and non-paying, users worth?

Using very rounded numbers, here is a “quick and dirty” analysis:

  • MySpace 2005 acquisition price: $580 million
  • MySpace 2006 “friends” user base: 100 million
  • MySpace 2006 ad revenues: $200 million

MySpace acquisition price reflects an approximate multiple of $5-$6 per “friend.”

MySpace is currently generating approximately $2 in revenue per “friend.”

The MySpace effort to grow ad revenues since its acquisition by News Corp. last year provides would be bidders for Digg, YouTube…a valuable reference for measuring the financial potential of a large, non-paying base of young Internet users.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

The British International Motor Show

Today I visited The British International Motor Show. It is absolutely fantastic show. Tomorrow is last day. Reaally wide variety of cars. you can see modern cars, hybrid cars, movie cars, race cars, f1, concept cars, very bizard swimming cars...

Also there are some presentation abaout how hybrid cars work. What happens when engyne works, when it uses gasoline and when it swithes to electricity. They show all transaction with colored liquid passing throught semitrasparent pipes. Toyota on the left cut in to the half.

There were some really strange concept cars. Some are without any door at all with open roof like Citroen shown at the left. And really small. Good for riding on holidays on the beach or parks maybe. They look so cool like car with emotions, trying make you happy, chear you up.

As I mentioned there were star cars as well. I like the car that was on
The League Of Extraordinary Gentlement starring Sean Connery. And many other Thunderbirds: FAB 1, Shaguar adn other that I dont remember their names.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

New descriptive undercunstruction presentation.

Back in old days there was sume funky animations when web site was undercnstraction. Some of them was iconic digginf of ground ar working with caterpillar. I remember that flash 5 had vefy funky underconstraction movie. Where on mouse over guy comes aout under ground and corrects fallen beacon.

Today surfing on te net I came across with The Iconfactory web site underconstraction animation. They are describing why they are reconstructing their web site and what elements they are removing. They are presenting this in 6 episode animation in pixel art. All buildings, people, objects are in 3d pixel art. They look really good. There is no sound in it or my pc doesnt have necessary audio codec. Instead they use baloons with icons. I like brainstorm baloon specially.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Podpress, Podcasting tool for Wordpress

Today I came across with very usefull tool for podcasting. Podpress is a plugin for Wordpress blogs. It has very usefull feauture, extracting ID3 tags from mp3 files and convert them to RSS2 feed. Also It generates extra tags for iTunes. There you can specify cover and preview appearence on iTune.

Other usefull feauture is you can listen your podcasts directly from you web site or blog. Podpress has integrated audio player developed by 1pixelout , which is customizible to fit your design.

Here is the screenshot of flash audio player, which also can be installed as seperate plugin.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Back to traveling by bus

Yes after unfortunate accident when my bike was stolen in 5 munutes , in front of crowd and local supermarket I am back to travaling by bus. It took me 1:30 hours to work and 2 hours from work. nearly 4 hours of my 24 hour day. I am keeping saying that my day is 24 hours. Like everybody else's. Someone said time is only equal thing that all people have. 24 hours a day. That is really true. But if ou spend 4 hours on traveling every day liek me, it means you give up that equality for nothing. you make it inequal.

Today I reported my bike to police, described to the smallest detail. You know what, yesterday after accident on my way home 30 meters from sainsbury I came across with 5-6 guys wondering around on their bykes. They asked me if I would like to buy it back if they find it. I said why not, maybe. They asked how much I am willing to pay for that. I said no more than 20 £. And they sad "You knowprobably we won't find it" :) I know because price I said wass not enought for all of them.

Also there is a good side on this story. It gave me opportunity to look for a rent near my work. And I am looking forward to find suitible room close by. Which will return my 4 hour travel time back to me. And I will be able to use those 4 hours from 24 hour day. Which can be used to write 4 more blogs and increase my income by five times.

What a day was yesturday.

Yesturday as usual I drowe my bike (bicycle) to home. On my way I poped up to sainsbury's to buy some food. It took me just 5 mins. But was enought for guys o cut chain and stea my bike. Inthe middle of the crowd they stole my bike. I still cant belive it.

I am upset only because it is summer and i like to ride. I want be upset if it is stolen 1 month later. instead I woul be happy to get rid of it. Really bad time for me. I calculated how much I ride it in past 1 and half month. it is 1000 miles in total. i ride daily between 25-27 miles from home to work. It took me 1 hour on avarage. some times 50 minutes. Yes I know it is really far. My record was 43 minutes. and longest time was 1 and half hour. It really fun. riding in group some time about 10 -20 bikers in same direction. Really creazy. And amazing thing is you bypass all cars and buses. Not motorbikes. they are more hiperactive.

My tyres were punctured 8-9 times. First time it had 3 different punctures at once. I dont know how I did that but I can assure you it wasn't difficult. And then i bought thinner inner tubes which ware vety thin 1.25" for my 2" tyre. And those get punctured in one day because of inner friction with tyre.
Only good point is now I can move closer to my work place and not traver 1,5-2 hours by bus each way every day. Wich takes 4 hours from my 24 hour day. that is reay huge amount of time. In that time i can do manu other thing like earning money or spending it with my mates.

Here is an illustration of a stolen bike. ( for those who cant figure out what it is, It is like cutting my wings. :)

Bike was stolen in fron of Essex road Sainsbury:
323 Essex Rd
London, N1 2YG
020 7354 5518

Update: uploaded my bike poto

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Windows Vista, tryed beta version. Had some problems.

Last couple weeks I tryed Windows Vista Media edition. It has exciting design and I belive great functionality too. At the same time I encountered some problems while using it.

  1. First af all It doesnt recognise my hardware. I know because it is beta version no drivers are available for it. It recognizes most of drivers suitible for Windows XP. Main problem was graphics driver for nVidia geForce 6200 with turboCache. It couldnt use 3D feautures of it and was ranking it with 2 point out of five. Wich makes overall system rank 2. That is why I couldnt use and test all functionality.
  2. This one is really annoying one. I rented couple DVDs to watch and quess what ? Vista didnt open them. Giving error like not readible DVD. I dont know if it is secutiry issue or anything else. I downloaded winDVD and PowerDVD. They run DVD without any problem. I searched for free DVD players on the net. And found really usable videoLan ( ). I really like it.
  3. Another annoying this was problems with registry. Whan you install some programs like photoshop, winamp, flash. they prompt you to register with them in order to recuive updates and news. You can choose not registering and selecting dont show me this again expect it to not prompt you about registration any more. But it doesnt work. Every time you run the program it prompts for registration.
  4. Also it prompts you for confirming every action like deleting files , opening configutation settings, display settings etc. and checking if you have proper permission. Which prompts you on every action. It is really annoying.
  5. One other this it is too slow for my laptop. intel centrino 1.7 GHz, with 1GB RAM. when exploring folders it reads too slowly contents of folder.
Also thera re some good pros that I found while using Windows vista.
  1. It have really cool gadgets shipped in the package. Gadgets are customizable, and usefull like click, cpu meter, calculator, photos. Later I discovered that yahoo have similar gadgets that can be installed to windows XP.
  2. I like IE7 Phishing technology. It prompts if you are viewinng fake hotmail ebay or paypal login pages. Most people dont recognize them because they look exactly same. And type in their usernames and password. After what owner of fake login web site stores login details and uses them for his own purposes. It is very difficult to get stolen mail accounts from yahoo, hotmail and gmail. because every detail entered on registration is changed and doesnt correspond to genune users details.
  3. I quite like desing of Vista.
If you have experienced some problems or like some new feautures you can shere them in comments.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

First thing to do when starting your blog.

There are certain things to pay attention when starting blog. Let me list them in some order.

  1. Find topict and title for your blog.
  2. Make optimizations for search engynes.
  3. Place ads in right place in order to earn money.
Find topict and title for your blog. This is important, because you need to find something that interests you and may be interesting for many others. I decided to write about earning money on the net spending one hour per day. First I thout I will write about enything. But then If I do so visitors will be confused and wouldnt be able to find what they were looking for and leave site and never come back if possible. It is bad because I want visitors to like this site and find information they are looking for. And advise to their friends about this site, return to the site weekly to check latest news and read latest posts. On the other hand I want to type alot and share some other things. Final decition I will post on variety of topics related to money earning or not related to enything else. But I will make it easy to find visitors what they are looking for.

Make optimizations for search engynes. Yes I spotted that this template on blogger doesnt have keyword and description tags in it. Tose tags are very important for search engynes. To add those tags goto Template tab on your blog admin panel and Edit Template. After <title>your blog title</title> tags type keyword and description tags. like following:

<meta name="keywords" content="keyword1, keyword2, keyword3">
<meta name="description" content="Type description here">
type keywords and description relative to your blog.

Place ads in right place in order to earn money. That is why we are here right? Go to your adsense account and select what type of ad you want. Copy generated code and paste it into your template. I pasted square ad 250x250 on my sidebar. And small banner ad on item page after post and before comments. You need to fing related place on your template . It is very descriptive.

Experiment: How much I can earn from 1 hour daily blogging?

This my first post on this blog. Main aim of this blog is to calculate how much earning and contribution to my life it brings. I am cirious.

By reading this blog you are becoming part of the experiment. Also I intent to publish my earings and time I spend on this blog. So that many of you can see life statistics abaout famouse question on the net "How much I can earn by being part time blogger".
First of all I have 2 other web sites one is my personal web site where I publish my works and other is wallpaper archive web site. I earned $166.30 between Mar 31, 2005 to Jun 30, 2006. Not too much. But it covers my hosting expenses.
Meanwhile as the name of this blog I will post every day spending 1 hour of my precious 24 hour day on this blog instead of wathcing nonsense tv programs or sorfing other nonsense web sites. I think it will be quite a mission to find content for posting but hey it is nonsense And I can type everything that I want. Like alhdf l;oifh pooisdfj klsjafh lkshfo saiuklfiuep9rgiovljsfkdvkljs ......
Dont worry I won't do it again.

All right time is up. I want to add some picture for good beginning of nonsense ness.

If you want to share your earnings feel free to post a comment.