Saturday, July 29, 2006

The British International Motor Show

Today I visited The British International Motor Show. It is absolutely fantastic show. Tomorrow is last day. Reaally wide variety of cars. you can see modern cars, hybrid cars, movie cars, race cars, f1, concept cars, very bizard swimming cars...

Also there are some presentation abaout how hybrid cars work. What happens when engyne works, when it uses gasoline and when it swithes to electricity. They show all transaction with colored liquid passing throught semitrasparent pipes. Toyota on the left cut in to the half.

There were some really strange concept cars. Some are without any door at all with open roof like Citroen shown at the left. And really small. Good for riding on holidays on the beach or parks maybe. They look so cool like car with emotions, trying make you happy, chear you up.

As I mentioned there were star cars as well. I like the car that was on
The League Of Extraordinary Gentlement starring Sean Connery. And many other Thunderbirds: FAB 1, Shaguar adn other that I dont remember their names.

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