Saturday, July 22, 2006

Experiment: How much I can earn from 1 hour daily blogging?

This my first post on this blog. Main aim of this blog is to calculate how much earning and contribution to my life it brings. I am cirious.

By reading this blog you are becoming part of the experiment. Also I intent to publish my earings and time I spend on this blog. So that many of you can see life statistics abaout famouse question on the net "How much I can earn by being part time blogger".
First of all I have 2 other web sites one is my personal web site where I publish my works and other is wallpaper archive web site. I earned $166.30 between Mar 31, 2005 to Jun 30, 2006. Not too much. But it covers my hosting expenses.
Meanwhile as the name of this blog I will post every day spending 1 hour of my precious 24 hour day on this blog instead of wathcing nonsense tv programs or sorfing other nonsense web sites. I think it will be quite a mission to find content for posting but hey it is nonsense And I can type everything that I want. Like alhdf l;oifh pooisdfj klsjafh lkshfo saiuklfiuep9rgiovljsfkdvkljs ......
Dont worry I won't do it again.

All right time is up. I want to add some picture for good beginning of nonsense ness.

If you want to share your earnings feel free to post a comment.


tom said...

So... now after 3 months... have you made any progress?
Let us know!!

Editor said...

No, unfortunately not.
I couldn't spend enough time blogging. Was busy working on own project. Explored some other ideas like social networking websites, and Both of them place forced ads on users pages. And earn really big money. Also discovered that problogger alone have as much visitors as (turkish blogging website like which has 250 000 registered users. Which means to make money it is not necessarily need to be a developer but a good writer can earn as much as any medium social website. But after some point social website can and will expand and start earning more as long as they meet user demand.

I earned regular amount from my own website which is around 15$ a month but nothing from this blog. And main reason is I didn't try hard, and spend enough time, and not that good writer. But still will continue my experiment. And hope that it will raise not linearly but logarithmically.