Thursday, July 27, 2006

New descriptive undercunstruction presentation.

Back in old days there was sume funky animations when web site was undercnstraction. Some of them was iconic digginf of ground ar working with caterpillar. I remember that flash 5 had vefy funky underconstraction movie. Where on mouse over guy comes aout under ground and corrects fallen beacon.

Today surfing on te net I came across with The Iconfactory web site underconstraction animation. They are describing why they are reconstructing their web site and what elements they are removing. They are presenting this in 6 episode animation in pixel art. All buildings, people, objects are in 3d pixel art. They look really good. There is no sound in it or my pc doesnt have necessary audio codec. Instead they use baloons with icons. I like brainstorm baloon specially.

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