Tuesday, July 25, 2006

What a day was yesturday.

Yesturday as usual I drowe my bike (bicycle) to home. On my way I poped up to sainsbury's to buy some food. It took me just 5 mins. But was enought for guys o cut chain and stea my bike. Inthe middle of the crowd they stole my bike. I still cant belive it.

I am upset only because it is summer and i like to ride. I want be upset if it is stolen 1 month later. instead I woul be happy to get rid of it. Really bad time for me. I calculated how much I ride it in past 1 and half month. it is 1000 miles in total. i ride daily between 25-27 miles from home to work. It took me 1 hour on avarage. some times 50 minutes. Yes I know it is really far. My record was 43 minutes. and longest time was 1 and half hour. It really fun. riding in group some time about 10 -20 bikers in same direction. Really creazy. And amazing thing is you bypass all cars and buses. Not motorbikes. they are more hiperactive.

My tyres were punctured 8-9 times. First time it had 3 different punctures at once. I dont know how I did that but I can assure you it wasn't difficult. And then i bought thinner inner tubes which ware vety thin 1.25" for my 2" tyre. And those get punctured in one day because of inner friction with tyre.
Only good point is now I can move closer to my work place and not traver 1,5-2 hours by bus each way every day. Wich takes 4 hours from my 24 hour day. that is reay huge amount of time. In that time i can do manu other thing like earning money or spending it with my mates.

Here is an illustration of a stolen bike. ( for those who cant figure out what it is, It is like cutting my wings. :)

Bike was stolen in fron of Essex road Sainsbury:
323 Essex Rd
London, N1 2YG
020 7354 5518

Update: uploaded my bike poto

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