Sunday, July 23, 2006

Windows Vista, tryed beta version. Had some problems.

Last couple weeks I tryed Windows Vista Media edition. It has exciting design and I belive great functionality too. At the same time I encountered some problems while using it.

  1. First af all It doesnt recognise my hardware. I know because it is beta version no drivers are available for it. It recognizes most of drivers suitible for Windows XP. Main problem was graphics driver for nVidia geForce 6200 with turboCache. It couldnt use 3D feautures of it and was ranking it with 2 point out of five. Wich makes overall system rank 2. That is why I couldnt use and test all functionality.
  2. This one is really annoying one. I rented couple DVDs to watch and quess what ? Vista didnt open them. Giving error like not readible DVD. I dont know if it is secutiry issue or anything else. I downloaded winDVD and PowerDVD. They run DVD without any problem. I searched for free DVD players on the net. And found really usable videoLan ( ). I really like it.
  3. Another annoying this was problems with registry. Whan you install some programs like photoshop, winamp, flash. they prompt you to register with them in order to recuive updates and news. You can choose not registering and selecting dont show me this again expect it to not prompt you about registration any more. But it doesnt work. Every time you run the program it prompts for registration.
  4. Also it prompts you for confirming every action like deleting files , opening configutation settings, display settings etc. and checking if you have proper permission. Which prompts you on every action. It is really annoying.
  5. One other this it is too slow for my laptop. intel centrino 1.7 GHz, with 1GB RAM. when exploring folders it reads too slowly contents of folder.
Also thera re some good pros that I found while using Windows vista.
  1. It have really cool gadgets shipped in the package. Gadgets are customizable, and usefull like click, cpu meter, calculator, photos. Later I discovered that yahoo have similar gadgets that can be installed to windows XP.
  2. I like IE7 Phishing technology. It prompts if you are viewinng fake hotmail ebay or paypal login pages. Most people dont recognize them because they look exactly same. And type in their usernames and password. After what owner of fake login web site stores login details and uses them for his own purposes. It is very difficult to get stolen mail accounts from yahoo, hotmail and gmail. because every detail entered on registration is changed and doesnt correspond to genune users details.
  3. I quite like desing of Vista.
If you have experienced some problems or like some new feautures you can shere them in comments.


alberthaanstra said...

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Guti said...

Yes, the look & feel is really impressive.

Specially using the Aero-Glass theme.