Wednesday, August 09, 2006

London Aquarium great place.

Couple weeks ago I went to London Aquarium, as many people suggested. To see sharks of course. I cant se them anywhere alse, specially on open water. Or it will be the last thing that you ever see. For making it not the last thing and continue seing other thing that life brings to me I made wise decision.
Also there was not so wise part of it which is timing. I went on sunday whan it was crowded with people and sharks. Alot of kids screeming running etc. Almost all glass walls were covered with children. Even sharks were excited to see so much people there.

One other thing is I wanted to take some pictures of all that underwater world. But you cant take pictures with flash because it will blow on glass wall and reflect back. you have to reduce shutter speed in order to take a picture for which you need tripod, which I hadnt and stedy sharks, which dont stop at all. I dont know how the sleep, maybe they are sleeping swimming or not sleeping at all.

Luky me I found one type of fish that was completely steady. I think they were there specially for taking photos. they are staying in the water and not moving at all. It is like trying hide from someone. I there was no place for hiding and they just stud where they are. you can see on the picture.
Also I liked smily fase of other fich I think it is also in same category as sharks, I know them as electric something. I dont know really their names. Sorry. But I like the face. I home it is face :)

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