Saturday, August 12, 2006

Thing that make me Happy ...

Most of contentent is about money but this one is definately not. Yes there are things other than money that make me happy, and can make others as well. While ago say 10 month, I made Free Flash poto album. Ever now and then I saw that someone likes it and tryes to integrate to their website. I have simple counter which keeps record of downloads. I some time check it for improvement if it is necessary. Last week my counter for free flash photo album is reached to 10000 dounloads. I said wow... And it make me to feel that in some way I am helping people to make their own web sites integrating photo album a bit quicker.

Time to time I receive links from users of photo album. In some of them I see different cultures, people, expressions, events. Seing such variety is especially valuable and motivating to me. Because I see my product , I see people using it, and most important I see happy people. That is the mopst important thing in the world for me.

It also can be an example for Good things in the life are free. Maybe it is not so good and there are better ones. If you spotted them feel free to share.

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