Saturday, August 05, 2006

Your income is in direct proportion to your contribution to the community!

I heard this from on eof the seminars of Anthony Robins, author of "Awake the gient within" and "Get the Edge" . Well does it works on the net. I say yes.

Last year I published 2 software Simulators about Electromecanical Systems, EKTS and ESS. And now I have 10000 downloads in one year and plenty of visitors. Which generates income through adsense ads on the web site. I had other sites before which contaned static data and not so useful which had no incom eat all. Because only me and my friend were visiting it.

Also same thing warks for web 2.0 web sites. Or take google for example of yahoo. They both usefull sites for finding specific information. It is a big contribution to the community and that is why they sucseed. Also there are some free softwares like winamp, irfanview, bsplayer, divx all free and popular. If they were pay for use softwares then they wont be so popular. And won't succeed. Now ther can add some add to their website or produse and sell more advanced version of ther programs.
Now, according to this theory I am going to live experimen with template design. I want to design several blog templates for popular blog engynes. Which in their turn will provide back link to that template site and drive more users . I will keep you informed about progress of this experiment. For now I dont have any ready templates but hopefully I will make one before going to holiday next week.

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