Sunday, September 10, 2006

There is no such a thing as stupid idea on internet

Last year surfign on hte net I came across with famous million dollar home page , which seemed to me as an impossible and a bit stupid. When I saw it had sold probably 300 000 pixels. It had very simple site contaning single page which was devided to 1 millin pixels and each pixel sold for 1 us dollar. I kept checking site and guess what one day it sold all its pixels. It was absolutely anbeliveble. Who may thought success of such a thing. I personally wouldt do such a thing just because of thinking that this idea will not work. And would be wrong as it is proved opposite.

And guess what today visiting thefwa I found a web2DNA tool, which makes your web page's DNA graph according to it's HTML tags. Whih is pretty cool. From there I jupmed to another web2graph site which do the same thing converting it to graphic. And there I jumped to one thosand paintings which is selling painings of numbers with blue color on canvas. And each painting costs 1000 - number. Also each painting have a discount depending on how many of them sold. It started with %90 discount and untill now sold 582 of them. Which reduced discount to %40.
It really interesting idea and I personally wouldnt thought that this kind of idea will work. But it works as you see.

image info: 1. red one generated by web2DNA , 2. generated by web2graph.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

design viral weblogs

Generated Image
Clustering. Podcasts. We are on the brink of a new age. We shall transcend borders. Out of the box. Clear that. Cry out, blogosphere! Give the users what they want. Faster. Faster! It's the wave of tomorrow. Roll your own roll-your-own. You need someone who gets it. Social is the new push. We're about what Web 2.0 is about. With one click. 2.0 is the new New. The buzz is loud and clear. On-demand streams. It's all about community. Hack it. Float this. News clouds. MSM just doesn't get it. This is newer media. Taggable folksonomies. An AJAX-driven GUI. This will change everything. It's all changing. 2.0! "ASL" is geezer speak. The words aren't what they were. Single. Word. Sentences! Label what defies categorization. Feeds. The new is old. Always be launching. Splog is an aggregate noun. Dynamic inline updating with yellow fades!

web 2.0 bullshit generators

Surfing on the net I came across with web 2.0 bullshit generator. which creates even logo for you.

I was visiting alexa , which I do usually for inspiration and wondering what are the great raises and falls recently. There draw my attentiosn as it raised 760% in from 46,166 to 4,680 place. It is a blog about Canadian living in Korea sharing wide-ranging commentary on all manner of new and shiny things.
There I saw this bullshit ! Which raise another questions, does it work? Dont worry I will not test it , just because dont want to pollute our web but I may give it one post specially generated from bullshit. My next post will be generated completely from bullshit, enjoy...
If you know who tested or testing it It may be interesting to see what is happening there. So please post your links in comments.