Sunday, September 10, 2006

There is no such a thing as stupid idea on internet

Last year surfign on hte net I came across with famous million dollar home page , which seemed to me as an impossible and a bit stupid. When I saw it had sold probably 300 000 pixels. It had very simple site contaning single page which was devided to 1 millin pixels and each pixel sold for 1 us dollar. I kept checking site and guess what one day it sold all its pixels. It was absolutely anbeliveble. Who may thought success of such a thing. I personally wouldt do such a thing just because of thinking that this idea will not work. And would be wrong as it is proved opposite.

And guess what today visiting thefwa I found a web2DNA tool, which makes your web page's DNA graph according to it's HTML tags. Whih is pretty cool. From there I jupmed to another web2graph site which do the same thing converting it to graphic. And there I jumped to one thosand paintings which is selling painings of numbers with blue color on canvas. And each painting costs 1000 - number. Also each painting have a discount depending on how many of them sold. It started with %90 discount and untill now sold 582 of them. Which reduced discount to %40.
It really interesting idea and I personally wouldnt thought that this kind of idea will work. But it works as you see.

image info: 1. red one generated by web2DNA , 2. generated by web2graph.

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