Saturday, September 09, 2006

web 2.0 bullshit generators

Surfing on the net I came across with web 2.0 bullshit generator. which creates even logo for you.

I was visiting alexa , which I do usually for inspiration and wondering what are the great raises and falls recently. There draw my attentiosn as it raised 760% in from 46,166 to 4,680 place. It is a blog about Canadian living in Korea sharing wide-ranging commentary on all manner of new and shiny things.
There I saw this bullshit ! Which raise another questions, does it work? Dont worry I will not test it , just because dont want to pollute our web but I may give it one post specially generated from bullshit. My next post will be generated completely from bullshit, enjoy...
If you know who tested or testing it It may be interesting to see what is happening there. So please post your links in comments.

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