Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Free advertisment opportunity

There is a new website which gives you free space to advertise you website or product. It is free but, you get listed according to date or you can pay to show your ad at the top. You can post text or image ad in any amount. Website is called bla.stYou can post your ad according to country, and specify keywords. All that is really cool. Site doesn't have a lot ads at the moment , so place your ad as quick as you can in order to be visible for at least common keywords.
As website is new it doesn't have high rank or volume of visitors but it may increase any time yo never now, and as it is free you don't loose anything. And more importantly in case of success you can get high traffic from your ad.
It is worth trying. Even now you can see some ads from big companies like digg.com, adobe.com,some mac and windows software ads.
I dont know how they will prevent spam ads, but I think they monitor it.


Tim said...

Hi thanks for mentioning bla.st! We'll link to your site from the bla.st about page:

Yes we are monitoring the cards that go on, making sure they are going into the right categories. I'm looking forward to the day we have to many cards to keep up with! So far advertisers have been very good- we have only had to fix up one spammer's card.


Anonymous said...
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Lipatd said...

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Anonymous said...
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