Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Learn how to succeed in 3 minute presentation

I have seen many motivational presentations, but this one is really short and contains all the juice of collected stories of successful people. It is a presentation by Richard St. John, who is author of Stupid, Ugly, Unlucky and RICH: What really leads to success -- and it's not smarts, looks, or luck. He's also founder of the communications agency, The St John Group.

You can watch video presentation at . Here is the one of the main thing that lead to success is love. If you love what you do then , there is no other way but success at the end.
There are some other presentations you may like about innovations, creativity, education and future aspects for development and design. Also some of them are really funny.
I found Ted thought Mena's Corner, where she talks about how blogs are used and why people like using it.
By the way those 3 minutes that I spend watching this presentation where most valuable minutes in my life.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Idea database

Do you have some great idea or just idea and want to share it with others then this is great place to do . I came across with this site visiting portfolio on a website which was listed in featured column at
Also site lists all ideas submitted so far and there are pretty good and creative ideas . One that I found interesting was Contact lenses with computer screen build in them, so that by wearing it you see huge screen in front of you. Kinda futuristic idea,which says that it is done. And idea is to create controlling that computer monitor with your thoughts or similar easy way.
Web site can be found at

Monday, December 04, 2006

Web 2.0 security issues with use of AJAX

With introduction of AJAX there arose a real security issue considering visitors and registered users of the popular websites. For example using ajax hidden queries to web server and store user data or perform certain actions as if logged in user performed them. These are described on several places and possible secutiry measures that can be taken against them can be found on A list apart article Community Creators, Secure Your Code!. Also there is a report released by Finjan about web secutirty issues .

Web 2.0 Security Scares by ZDNet's Richard MacManus -- For web-based businesses like Google and MySpace, AJAX flings open the door to new malware propagation methods few things are more scary than malicious attacks on the code of your websites or apps. And in this web 2.0 era, new threats have emerged that specifically target Ajax websites. Web security firm Finjan recently released a report [...]
And in there are more and more web sites offering new and cool looking features and offering to integrate say slide show or video content or blog , myspace template to your account by requesting your login details. And they definitely assure you that your login details will not be stored or used in any other way. Some of these web sites may be reliable like or others but by offering such option makes users to think that it is popular way for integrating content and there is nothing to worry. Which will make them to neglect this threat on other websites that they don't know and may be real threat for them.