Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Learn how to succeed in 3 minute presentation

I have seen many motivational presentations, but this one is really short and contains all the juice of collected stories of successful people. It is a presentation by Richard St. John, who is author of Stupid, Ugly, Unlucky and RICH: What really leads to success -- and it's not smarts, looks, or luck. He's also founder of the communications agency, The St John Group.

You can watch video presentation at . Here is the one of the main thing that lead to success is love. If you love what you do then , there is no other way but success at the end.
There are some other presentations you may like about innovations, creativity, education and future aspects for development and design. Also some of them are really funny.
I found Ted thought Mena's Corner, where she talks about how blogs are used and why people like using it.
By the way those 3 minutes that I spend watching this presentation where most valuable minutes in my life.

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