Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Cheap international calls from any country

If you are located in country where internet poor or not accessible then you can use asiafon cheap international calls service to make call. No matter where you are you can make same chap calls from regular landlines or mobile phones.

Asiafon offers 3 ways to make cheap international phone call

  1. SMS callback - send sms (text) containing D.destination_number O.orginating_number to +6583000044 . Your call will be connected. read detailed instructions on how to make a call using SMS callback
  2. WEB callback - use website to make a call. Login to your account and use callback dialer. Read detailed instructions on how to make a call using web callback.
  3. ANI callback - leave unanswered call to +17134742319 and wait for system to call you back. Answer phone when it rings and follow instructions from phone. Read more about how to make a call using unanswered callback.
Asiafon offers cheap international calls from any country. You can manage your account online, view call history, register your other phones, view missed calls, create address book and add speed dial. Asiafon cheap international calls great for those who reside outside US, UK. Asiafon is useful when you are abroad and want to call your family and friends. It is cheap and convenient way to make international calls from any country with poor or no internet connection.
Asiafon provides easy way of communication from any regular phone from any country. View prices for asiafon cheap international calls and compare them with skype, rebtel. Asiafon prices completable with them plus you can make call from any country with great voice quality. No interruptions or echo. You can use asiafon cheap international call service from any phone no matter if you change your number, location, country. You can add or edit all your registered phones.
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